Keeping it Real

You’re an Idiot if You Let a Girl Who Would Do Anything For You Go

She fell in love with you, not because of your looks or where you came from, or even how you really treated her.

She fell in love with what she saw in you.

She saw a future with you. A future so good you could never imagine it because that’s how much she loved you.

She loved the way you looked at the world, and how strong you were for not letting things break you down.

She loved you for not being able to let anyone in, even though she wanted to be the one person you could.

She did everything in her power to be the woman you wanted. She listened to every criticism and even though it hurt, she changed.

She was the girl for you but you decided to be an idiot.

You decided to walk out on a woman who would have given you anything and everything you wanted because she truly loved you.

You walked out on a girl who never stopped trying and you’ll regret that.

You broke her heart into a million pieces and you will never understand how badly you hurt her because you were selfish and she was selfless.

To you, she was just a girl that was a part of your life for however long you wanted her to be. She was just there and you took advantage of that, instead of actually feeling something for someone other than yourself.

She was a special girl but you looked right past that.

You’re an idiot because you let her cry herself to sleep every night when all she wanted was you.

But you’re the biggest idiot of all because eventually she got over her heartbreak and realized how much better of a man she deserved.