Keeping it Real

Your Heart May be Broken Now, But it Won’t be Forever

You’re probably reading this in hopes that it will make that throbbing in your chest just stop for a second…. No promises but I will try.

That pain you feel right now will be something you feel for a very long time.

Maybe even forever, but definitely not as strong and definitely not for long periods of times.

Days will go by and you will start to notice that you’re not always thinking about him, and it will be reassuring.

There will also be days where you witness one little thing he used to do and you break down right there. But it won’t last forever.

Your heart is one of the strongest organs in your body, other than your tongue.

Which is ironic, because his tongue was probably one of the reasons things didn’t work out.

He didn’t treat you the way you deserved, and you know that, but it doesn’t take away that ache you have in your heart every day now.