Keeping it Real

You Say That You Love Her But You Treat Her Like Shit

It’s funny how you seem so clueless about having such an amazing woman on your arm.

She will make an amazing wife one day. She’s a woman most men would kill for, but you decide to treat her in a manner she doesn’t deserve.

You make her question her worth when she should be leaving your ass every time you act like she’s nothing.

She looks in the mirror wondering if she is good enough for a man who isn’t good enough for her.

She does everything in her power to make you happy. While you sit there never compromising for her because you want it your way.

It’s like you don’t understand that she is too good for you… even though to everyone around you, it’s easy to see.

You’re just using a girl, who loves you, even the bad parts. The parts no one has accepted before. The parts that should make her run, are for some reason, the parts that make her want to stay.

She wants to change you. She just doesn’t yet understand she can’t do that. Because deep down she sees the good in you. But if you can’t even see that good then how will you actually become that good man? Exactly, you won’t…

She loves you. And in her head every time you do something that kills her on the inside she says, “I can make him stop doing this.”

What happens when she realizes she can’t change you? What happens to you when you lose the best girl you will ever have? The girl who pushed you to be the best man you could be…