Keeping it Real

WTF Signs From Him After You Move In

Don’t ignore these red flags

When you move in with someone, your relationship will change. Sometimes the change is as small as getting used to living with someone new. Other times it gives you brand new, and possibly relationship-changing information, about the man you’ve just moved in with. This article outlines five red flags that you should take seriously if you notice them after you’ve moved in with your boyfriend.

1. He quits his job
If you move in with a man and soon after he decides to quit his job, this is a red flag. If he didn’t discuss his decision with you and if he has no job lined up for after he quits, these are two issues that will need to be discussed. If he has no new job leads and plans to spend time finding himself, you may be the only one in the household working for months. As a couple it’s important to discuss these things before action is taken.

2. You catch him snooping through your things
Living together does not mean that you lose all of your privacy. If you find your boyfriend going through your phone, computer, or journal, this is a red flag. He may have reasons that sound okay to him for why he’s going through your things, but they still don’t make him entitled. He may think can keep tabs on you and who you are talking to, but if he wants any information, he has to come to you personally.

3. He takes calls in other rooms