When You Stopped Loving Her She Started Loving Herself

I thought for the longest time I wouldn’t be able to go on without you and then I woke up.

I realized I deserved to wake up every morning knowing I was loved by the most important people in my life, which included myself.

Finally, after you breaking my heart I can say I found that self-love I have always wanted.

I realize now our relationship was bound to fail because neither of us had the self-love we needed to have and be in a mature and successful relationship.

To love, you have to love yourself first and we both were completely missing that.

I have also come to terms with knowing you took away my confidence and independence because you were controlling and not comfortable with who you were.

Relationships are hard, but in my opinion, one of the hardest relationship to be happy with is the one you have with yourself.

I stopped judging myself against others and started looking at what I brought to the table.

I stopped focusing on the hate and mean things you told me daily to try and keep my self-esteem low so I wouldn’t leave you.

I moved past our unhealthy relationship so I could find out who I was and fall in love with her and only her.

I am so happy I was able to do that because picking myself up and finding out who I was after a heartbreak was a big life-changing moment for me.

I was finally able to say I love who I am.

I have since been able to grow and change into the loving, confident and independent young woman I have always wanted to be.

So I guess thank you for helping me find out who I really was because finding myself is so much more important than losing you.

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