To The Guy Who Played Me, I’m Not The Fool

I still wonder if you thought that I had no idea what you were doing. I knew, I just for some stupid reason decided to look past it.

I was hoping me looking away would make you realize that I was the “only” girl you would want.

I was wrong… Very wrong.

You didn’t want one girl. You wanted every girl you could get because it wasn’t about finding the one it was about fueling your ego.

It didn’t matter what anyone of us girls did because you liked the attention. You liked knowing girls were fighting over you and that you had options.

It’s pretty messed up what you did to me, let alone all the other girls you had dragging along behind you.

You were so selfish and one of the biggest players I had ever met. I knew this, and for some reason, I still wanted to have something to do with you.

I guess I learned first hand from you that guys won’t and can’t be changed. And wasn’t that the truth with you?

You made sure to have every girl you could fall for you without having the decency to catch any one of them.

You have played every single girl you have ever liked and I feel sorry for you, because even though you have hurt me, I’m the true winner.

I understand what it is like to love someone and to not play every persons heart that I meet. I know that once I have found the one I won’t need to keep my “options open”.

I won’t risk the possibility of ruining my opportunity with the person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with unlike you and that’s sad.

It’s sad to think you will most likely miss out on a girl who would do more than any other girl would and it’s even sadder that eventually you will realize it too late.

I know now that that girl isn’t me and that’s okay.

Because I know now that you aren’t the man for me either and I also learned what I want and deserve in a man so thank you for that.

I wish you the best of luck, and even though things turned out bad with us I hope one day you don’t ruin it with the girl that was made for you.


One of the many you called “Babe”

Nicole Clements