Keeping it Real

To The Girl Who is Perpetually Single, There is Nothing Wrong With You

Being single isn’t a problem and you need to remember that. Relationships are a lot of work and to be honest sometimes not worth the time.

When you are single you don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself, and that is important. You are growing up, you’re learning about yourself and you’re working on your future.

There is no need for a man to help you do this if anything they only hinder your self-love and growth as a young woman.

Of course, though, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a boyfriend, but you being single has nothing to do with you.

It shows that you aren’t settling, it shows that you are waiting for a man that gets you, that you have fun with and who you see as more than just someone you can take home for a night.

You are looking for something more but until you find that you’re going to have fun and that is completely okay!