Keeping it Real

To My Cheating Ex, I Wish Your Actions Didn’t Still Hurt Me

It’s always just there…

And even though I have moved on the hurt that you made me feel still causes dreams I wish I could forget.

Every new person who comes into my life I question, sometimes I even get a little overbearing because I never want to feel that pain again. The pain of feeling my heart being ripped from my chest by the person I loved more than myself…

You cheating on me has caused me to deal with things I never thought I would. Especially, after finding out I was with someone who took advantage of me.

You have caused me to question every boy I have a serious relationship with because you have made me so insecure, and I really hate saying that. I hate knowing you’ve impacted me that much… And knowing you still have that control over my heart is the worst thing in the world.

I know I’m a strong woman and I know I deserved better than you, but I loved you.

It just really hurts knowing that you tearing my heart into pieces was so easy and it might always affect my future relationships.

I don’t want to blame the man of my dreams for the heartache you have given me, but I have come to terms with it.

I have learned how to deal with things that trigger me and the bad dreams that come with being cheated on by someone you thought was your whole world.

I have come to terms knowing that if it ever happens again I walk away immediately. No matter how much I love them.