Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism and Burning Fat

A healthy metabolism is necessary for anyone trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, there are several things that people do that slow down their metabolism. Some of these things include not eating enough, an inconsistent eating schedule, and even taking certain medications. However, there are several things that you can do to rev up your metabolism and begin burning more fat immediately.

1. Make sure you are getting enough quality sleep.

Between seven and eight hours is the optimal amount of time that you should be sleeping. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep not only slows down the metabolism but also affects the body’s ability to metabolize glucose. Also, not getting enough sleep causes an increase in a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone actually increases your appetite.

2. Incorporate interval training into your exercise routine.

Interval training simply means alternating between high intensity and low-intensity exercise during your workout. An example of this would be alternating between running on a treadmill at 6 miles per hour for 1 minute and walking at 3 miles per hour for one minute. Studies have found that varying your exercise intensity increases your metabolism not only while you are working out, but also throughout the day.

3. Increase your water intake.