Keeping it Real

This is Why Being Cheated on Changes You More Than You Realize

When you find out the person you love more than anything, broke your trust, spent time with someone else, and broke your heart, you die inside.

You literally feel your heart pull apart. It’s a physical and mental pain that never gets easier. And it tears at more than just your heart but your soul.

You look at yourself bawling in the mirror wondering what you did wrong.

You point out every mistake you made in the relationship and wonder if that was what pushed your significant other to go find someone else.

The worst part of it all though is, you’re the one broken and the person who didn’t care about your love, or your feelings, gets to walk away only, maybe, feeling a little “guilty”.

It’s not fair. It’s not fair that you are left broken trying to figure out how to pick yourself up. You didn’t make this mistake, you weren’t the one to betray the person you love. It hurts terribly…

Especially, because they get to move on as easily as their no conscience did when they decided to cheat on you.

You cry yourself to sleep and sometimes it’s so hard to breathe that you just wish it was over.

You feel kind of crazy. Like you are slowly and surely losing your mind. But isn’t that love?

Isn’t falling head over heels in love with a person you trust and believe will be faithful to you, a little crazy?

Yes, yes it is. So it’s okay that when that dream comes crumbling down, that you may be a little “crazy”.

You change in so many ways, but after all the pain, tears, anger, and hate.

You get past it.