Keeping it Real

The Struggles of Letting Go of Your Toxic Half

Dear Beautiful,

You’re reading this because you know it’s true…. You love a guy you shouldn’t.

You love a man who forgets about you. Who puts others before you, maybe even other girls and who definitely does not deserve you.

Because you always put him first. You have always loved him even when he didn’t deserve it, like now.

You have done so much for him and never expected anything in return but his love. And he can’t even seem to give you that.

You love him. You don’t want to lose him and you really don’t want to start over.

You have some great memories with him when he actually tried in your relationship.

And you just want that back. But it’s not your fault that he has stopped putting in effort, that is his fault.

You deserve the effort. You deserve to have someone who shows that he loves you everyday because that what you do.

You don’t deserve to cry yourself to sleep at night because you don’t know whether he is still going to be around.

You don’t deserve to think that he is the only guy for you and if he leaves you won’t find anyone else because that’s completely false.

Any man would be lucky to have you as his and you need to remember that.

You need to remember that you get to decide who gets to be in your life and who you love.

Of course it is hard right now because you still love him and deep down you wish you both could work things out and be together but sadly you know that won’t happen.

You know it’s time for you to let him go, because he isn’t hurting only you are.

He doesn’t care how you feel but you do. And you need someone who does care.

You need someone who is the person you wanted him to be and you will eventually find him.

But now, give your heart a break and let go of the man breaking it.

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