Keeping it Real

Stop Dating Bad Boys and Attract the Love You Deserve

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” -Walt Kelly

I used to have a gift for attracting the losers women affectionately refer to as bad boys.  And I found those losers attractive.

Oh, I how I loved bad boys!

Despite the tears and sleepless nights they caused, they never bored me. They gave me plenty to talk about with my friends over a slice and coke at Nick’s Pizza. But mostly they made me miserable. Nervous. Jealous. Sad. Paranoid.

Still, I spent months daydreaming that by offering a sparkling insight, by putting on a sexy dress, or by telling a hilarious joke, they’d see me for the incredible woman I was. And I’d change them. They’d stop cheating, drinking, skipping work, or whatever their particular problem was — and transform into Prince Charming.

I would rescue them. I would.