Someday, Someone Won’t be Afraid of How Much You’ll Love Them

You dread relationships, not because you don’t want one, but because you just can’t seem to keep one.

Every time you meet a guy you think is awesome the same thing always happens. You show affection, attention, and love and they just push you away.

You now know when it happens and you try so hard to avoid it.

You try to remain distant and not seem too available but one day they take you out on a cute dinner date and you’re just reminded, why should you need to hide your feelings?

It should be okay to act like you like someone.

You shouldn’t have to hide who you are in front of them either but that’s when things start to go downhill again.

You just don’t get it, but here is the real answer on why this keeps happening to you.

You are way too good of a person. The guys you have gone out on dates with for some reason aren’t looking for a woman like you.

They are looking for a girl who is easy and isn’t kind, loving and smart.

They are looking for attention but not attention for a long period of time.

They know you are a great girl and for some reason, they aren’t ready for that responsibility.

And even though it hurts every time they come up with an excuse on why you can’t see each other anymore, just know they are doing you a favor, and they know how great of a girl you are.

You don’t want to be the easy girl guys take advantage of anyway.

You deserve a man in your life who is ready for a serious relationship and accepts you for who you are.

You deserve a man who sees the love you have in your heart as an amazing gift and will treasure it as long as he has you.

So please, even though it is hard right now, wait for the man who isn’t afraid of how much love you have and will be excited to have that love be for him.

Nicole Clements