Keeping it Real

Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex?

“We broke up for a reason. Why would we ever consider getting back together?”

Why, indeed? This is a question many people are asking themselves more and more frequently. It’s a rough one, but these days we find ourselves growing, changing, and revisiting the idea of reconciliation. Forgiveness is healing. But does that mean forgetting? Well – it depends.

For those who have found that they can trust love one more time, it is possible. It’s a beautiful opportunity to find out if the troubles that once seemed insurmountable can be overcome, carefully and compassionately. With genuine compassion, we can overcome almost any challenges.

We are quick to want to believe that love will conquer all, but the reality is that is takes much more than just loving someone: it takes constant work, dedication, compromise, and a clear understanding from both partners. Easier said than done, at times, isn’t it?

The ones we once loved aloud we never stop loving silently in some way.

Finding love together is special. It’s magical. It’s serendipitous. Love helps us hope, believe and trust again. It lifts our spirits and gives us strength. But what works for one person, may not work for everyone. As The Supremes once sang: “You can’t hurry love.” How true! You have to give each other time and space to grow individually and together. It’s one of the most enriching experiences in this lifetime.