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She Will Never be a Trophy Wife, So Don’t Expect Her to be

She doesn’t know if this is a goal for some women, and if it is, good for them! But becoming a trophy wife is not in her future for many reasons.

She wants to work hard and make money so she can help support her family, too. She knows not all “trophy wives” are stay at home moms, but some are, and most, expect a lot from their husbands, including his time.

But if you only have one income in an economy like this, and still want a nice house, nice cars, and nice clothes, you can’t expect your husband to also have time for you.

She wants a marriage that incorporates hard work and time spent with each other. she doesn’t want her husband to be the only one working his butt off to support them. Because she knows she is a smart and independent young woman who can just as easily work her ass off as well.

She doesn’t want to be a trophy wife because she could care less about if other men find her attractive. The only guy she wants thinking she is gorgeous is her husband in the first place. The only man she needs to think “Man I hit the jackpot” is him, no one else.

I don’t want to be a Trophy wife because I am smart, college educated and want to have a successful career.

She wants to work hard to make a name for herself so she can give back to the communities who helped her become the successful woman she is.

She wants to be proud of working hard through college and using that knowledge to better herself and others.

She doesn’t want to be known as the wife who has an education and could easily work to make money but decides not to.

She doesn’t want to be a trophy wife because she wants a big house, nice cars, great clothes, and trips all over the world. And to be able to have those things she knows she needs to work too.

She doesn’t want to be a trophy wife because that is not going to make her happy. What is going to make her happy is having a family who works hard for each other so they can have amazing times together and she plans on making it just that.

She wants a life full of hard work, love, and quality time because she knows that is a life she’ll feel proud of.

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