Read This if You Should Have Known a Cheater Stays a Cheater

It seemed that for her, the hardest part was realizing that the one she loved cheated on her. The only thing she could think was that she should have seen it coming.

She knew before they were official that he was a little flaky. He was always hiding his phone, texting other people and not really all there with her.

But she thought she’d changed him.

He wanted to date her. He was the one who asked to be official. He was the one that wanted to be with one girl when he could have chosen not to.

He was the one who made all the effort at first, put his phone down, paid attention and made her fall hard for him.

She knew his past; he was honest about that, (the only thing he was honest about). She knew he wasn’t loyal to the past girls he had been with, but he convinced her that she was different.

He said she made him feel a way no one ever had. She made him feel something so strong that he now realized why he cheated before. Because he was looking for a girl like her.

She believed him. That was her first mistake and she knows it now. She liked him telling her that she had changed him. She liked feeling like she was special- who doesn’t?

She got trapped in a relationship she thought would be mature and loyal.

Until she realized it wasn’t. Until she saw those messages, pictures or emails. She caught him red-handed and she didn’t know what to do.

Part of her broke, while the other part went straight to the “I should have known better” mode. She didn’t know where to start or what to do.

She didn’t want to lose him. So, maybe she keeps him around awhile but eventually she realized she deserves better.

She learned that a cheater will always be a cheater. So, she picked up her heart and left.

She learned a hard lesson, one that still makes her cry herself to sleep at times.

She learned that just because someone says they love her doesn’t mean they meant it.

She learned that just because someone said she was the only one for them doesn’t mean she was.

But she also learned her strength. She realized what she is capable of and what she deserves.

And even though he may have broken her heart, she moved on and found something worth loving, which was herself.

Written by: Nicole Clements