Keeping it Real

Piece by Piece I Picked Myself up Where You Left Me

It’s not easy to look back on the pain I went through because of you. But I am proud because hearing your name doesn’t make my heart sting anymore.

I was the one who had to pull myself back together when the one person I thought I had a future with decided to leave.

And you didn’t leave in a kind manner. You left in the cruelest and most hurtful way you could because you wanted me to be nobody without you.

When in reality I was really a nobody when I was with you. I was someone who had no confidence in herself.

Someone who thought she deserved to be treated badly because she couldn’t find better and I was so wrong.

You breaking my heart was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I had to put myself back together.

I had to figure out how to love myself and put myself first so I could figure out who I really was.

I am now a woman others look up to because of the pain you put me through and even though it wasn’t pretty I would do it all over again.

Because figuring out who you are as a person, alone, is one of the best things anyone could ever do for themselves.

Picking up the pieces of my heart after you shattered it was hard.

But learning that I would find someone else who would love me and treat better than you was so worth it.

Heartbreak only lasts for so long and love always finds a way but I am so glad my love is not going towards you anymore.

You didn’t deserve it and I am so happy I now know that.

I am so much stronger and happier without you and I’ve realized that relationships always end because you deserve someone better.

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