Overcoming Insecurity in Your Relationship

Perception is reality

No matter how confident you are in your everyday life, when it comes to relationships it’s all too easy for insecurity to creep in. No matter how loyal your boyfriend is, or how great your life together may be, you may still harbor fears that he is cheating. That he will find someone new, or that the spark is slowly seeping out of your sex life.

The fact that those fears are often unfounded does not make them any less real. Perception is reality, and if you want to overcome insecurity in your relationship you need to change the way you look at yourself. Here are 10 tips you can start using right now.

1. Practice Turning Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones
You do not have to be a meditation guru to turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Just think about the things that bug you and make you feel insecure, then look for more positive ways to express those thoughts. You might not get it right 100% of the time, but practice makes perfect.

2. Stop Obsessing
Obsessing over your insecurities will not make them go away. In fact, obsessing over things you wish were different will just make those problems loom larger in your life.

The next time you find yourself obsessing about something that makes you insecure, try looking for ways to change it. If you can change it, work out a plan to do so. If it cannot be changed, stop obsessing and let it go.

3. Make Time for Yourself