Keeping it Real

No Matter How Much You Love Him, You Can’t Make Him Love You Back

Guys won’t treat a girl they love with disrespect, they won’t lead on other women, and they would never let their girl think she is replaceable.

A man’s love is shown with action, and if they aren’t showing you they love you, you need to let them go.

You will never be able to change a man’s mind because they just don’t work like that… But would you really want them to?

Do you really want to have to convince someone to love you? Convince them to stay? Convince them that you are worth it?

Because the truth is, you are just missing out on a man who, even though will make mistakes, will always put you first and will truly love you without any conditions or convincing…

You are just missing out on a man who won’t hurt you like this guy you are trying so hard to hold onto.

We all long for love but don’t let that longing drive you into a man’s arms who will only hurt you.