Keeping it Real

No Matter How Much You Love Him, You Can’t Make Him Love You Back

You are worthy of love. You are worthy of not having to wonder if he cares and not having to force someone to show you affection.

You deserve a man who appreciates you and puts you first every day.

Love is a rollercoaster and everyone makes mistakes, but if someone truly loves you, you won’t ever have to beg them to show it.

Men aren’t like women. See, women can be convinced to love someone, because we are smart and fall in love with people a lot slower than men do.

We analyze everything about them and once we fall, it’s hard to come back from. That’s why girls have to make sure they fall for a man who is falling for her too.

Men fall in love fast. They don’t think about every detail like women do, they just wrap themselves around finding a girl they think is perfect and doing anything in their power to make her happy.