Just Because He Left You Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Catch

Heartbreak is one of the worst feelings, in my opinion, to ever feel. It is an emotion that doesn’t have an easy fix and it can stay with you forever. It also can break you down from the inside out.

It is something no one can help make better. And each individual person learns to deal with it uniquely. Whether that’s by crying to sleep every night or writing their feelings out.

It isn’t easy. Losing someone you loved more than anything is kind of like torture because you can’t do a thing about it, especially if they are the ones who left.

You watch in agony as they walk away, and how they seem completely fine living without you. While you’re stuck wishing all they would do is turn back and say what a big mistake it was for them to leave, but normally that never happens.

You just learn to cope and to work on yourself and look past something that used to make you so happy. You also realize that when things started to go bad, no matter how much you denied it, you knew it would end.

Eventually, you figure out that none of it was your fault. Because life is life and some people just aren’t meant for you. But on that journey, you have to make sure you let them go.

You deserve a person who knows you are the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. And you need to make sure you allow that person to find you.

Heartbreak takes a long time to get over, but you need to remember, if it didn’t work out with them it will work out with someone else.

It is not the end of the world… If anything, it is the light at the end of the dark tunnel because of all the self-discovery you will do on this journey. It will eventually lead to you finding “the one”.

It’s hard to look into the future and know that things will be alright, but true love will never break your heart, remember that. Because true love never goes away. It changes and feels different, but it is always there.

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Nicole Clements