I’m Only Human So I Bleed When I Fall Down

Maybe I’m the one who sets such a high standard for myself, but why shouldn’t I? I want to be successful and I know to be successful I have to work hard. I also know that I have a lot of pressure from other places that make me feel like I have to be perfect.

I am not perfect. When I fall, I crash and burn but I always get back up. I know people may think I’m “perfect” and that everything in my life must come so easy.

That assumption is wrong. I work very hard everyday to be where I am at in life and I will not allow the thoughts of others degrade that work.

This life isn’t easy and I have learned that first hand. I have also learned though, that life is what you make it. I may only be human and I have human flaws but I make them with a smile on my face.