Keeping it Real

I’m Far From Perfect But Thank You For Loving Me Anyway

Life hasn’t always been good, but I know everyone has had those moments, even you.

You make me forget all of my faults every day I am with you. You have helped me work through my mistakes and helped me learn how to forgive others, including myself. You are the one person who has helped me find myself and I know that is rare in relationships because sometimes people make you lose who you are.

I’ve had those type of relationships… They drain you and take away everything you thought you were. So when they leave you, you are left without someone who you thought loved you and left with yourself, who you don’t even know anymore…

You have helped me pass all of these trials and I can’t thank you enough. I also can’t thank you enough for taking on not only me but also my baggage. I mean I took on yours as well, but no person has ever been so accepting of all of me and it means a lot.

I know I have my moments where I am not the nicest, most fun, or easiest person to be around, let alone love. But once we get through those moments, I feel as if you love me even more than before and it gives me this love for you that I’ve never felt for anyone else.