Keeping it Real

I’m Far From Perfect But Thank You For Loving Me Anyway

Thank you for loving me and thinking my imperfectness makes me perfect. Your love has changed my whole world and it is so much more beautiful now because of it.

I never thought real love was like this, but thank you for showing me that it is. I look forward to all the little things we do together. Like you grabbing my hand in public just to hold it or you pulling me close just because you want a hug. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see where our future takes us.

You have helped me tremendously understand what life is about. It’s not about what’s around me but it’s about the people who you share it with. You are the person I want to share the rest of this crazy life with.

I know you will always have my back and love me more than anyone else ever will. You will keep me happy in every way possible and you will always put me in my place when it is needed. You are the man I have always dreamed of but always thought my love movies where setting me up for failure.