I’d Rather Be “Too Nice” Than a Bitter Bitch

You should never feel ashamed for being “too nice” because even though that person may not deserve your smile and kind heart at least you aren’t reassuring them that this world is ALL hate and bitterness.

You are setting an example that no matter your situation you can make it a good one and you can change how you feel and how you act towards others.

Being “too nice” is really a blessing in disguise and you should cherish that about yourself.

Not many people have the pure and hopeful heart that you do, and the world really needs more of them out there.

So to all of those who are “too nice” don’t ever change. I know at times it is hard to not go down the path of not caring. But you and your kindness are important and are making a huge change in our society. So please from one kind heart to another never let it go.

Nicole Clements

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