I’d Rather Be “Too Nice” Than a Bitter Bitch

I hate when people come at me saying I am way, “too nice” to people. One, because I already know this and two they act like it is a flaw.

Being nice to people no matter how they treat you, is the right thing to do. It keeps your head up and maybe even helps those with nasty attitudes to reevaluate themselves.

 Being “too nice” should never be looked at as a flaw because you are making a difference. You are standing for the right values in life and you want to be happy.

You have seen the bitterness in the world and all it ever brings is hate and sadness.

You being too nice really helps others, whether they deserve it or not, because you are proving to them that being nice is better than being bitter.

Being nice makes you happier and more carefree. Being nice brings nice people into your life and it helps you look at hard times with optimism.

Being nice helps everyone in this world, because one act of kindness will, in turn, help someone else give back and do the same.