Keeping it Real

I Wasn’t Crazy You Were Just an Asshole

For the longest time, I thought all of it was me. I even questioned whether I may have some problems…

You were so good at making me question everything about myself that it was hard to snap out of your lies.

But now I have realized it was never me who was “crazy” it was you.

You were always the one who made me jealous to the point of making me freak out, which you deserved.

What girlfriend wouldn’t get upset when their boyfriend likes to hang out with other girls more than her?

You were the one who pushed my buttons just so you could call me crazy.

You were the one who wanted me to lose every ounce of self-esteem I ever had just so you could have full control over me.

You were just an asshole who thought controlling people was acceptable and that’s how you should “love” people.