I Promise I Will Love You More Than She Ever Did

If I can promise you one thing it is that my love for you will always be overwhelming. It will be a feeling you have never felt and it will be something you will never want to let go of.

I know you have loved before but I also know you have never been loved the way I love you.

I appreciate what you bring to our table. I appreciate your heart and your love for life. I am excited to see your face every day and hold you in my arms for as long as I like.

I am happy I am the girl who gets to say I love you every day and I am happy the girls before me, didn’t end up being “your person”. I am saddened they mistreated you and didn’t love you the way you deserved.

But I am also so thankful they let you go so I could be the girl who gets to call you mine. I will always do my best to love you the way you deserve and be there for you. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could ever let you go, but I am sure glad they did.

You are my kind of perfect. Your smile lights up my life and your kisses make me melt. I truly have no idea how I got so lucky to have you.

You treat me like every girl dreams of being treated, but then I remember that I get treated that way because of how I treat you. You came into my life when I wasn’t expecting it.

I wasn’t looking for anyone but now that I realize it, I guess deep down, I was waiting for a man like you to come around. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.