I Promise I Will Love You More Than She Ever Did

I hope you understand that I will drive you crazy. I will make you angry and at times, I may even make you question if this is worth it… But it will be.

I will never let a second go by where you have to question if I love you. I will never let you believe that you were once loved “more” by someone else. I will always be there for you and love you the best way I know how because you deserve it.

You are the man I want to spend forever with. You are the person I want to go to hell and back with because I know you will always have my back. You are the person I want to come home to every night after a stressful day at work because you know exactly what I need to de-stress.

And you are the man I love more than I ever thought possible. So thank you for giving me that opportunity to finally open my heart up to someone who deserves it.

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Nicole Clements