He is Out There, You Just Need The Patience to Find Him

I know you probably have that gut feeling every time you see that cute couple get engaged, get married or have a baby that, “god… I won’t ever find that..”

But trust me you will. Don’t let that feeling consume you. Don’t allow yourself to believe that you won’t find someone who will hold you and make you believe they will never let you go.

It just takes time. Life is kind of funny like that. You never know when you will find him, but isn’t that the fun of it all?

Knowing you will meet him when you least expect it. When you probably aren’t looking and he will just sweep you off your feet and that’s the moment you will realize why everything worked out the way it did.

Meeting the right person takes patience. You have to make sure you go through all the wrong ones and through all of your own personal trails because once you have done all that, you will be able to love him the way he deserves and he will love you the same.

It’s not an easy journey and at times, you can feel very lonely and like you will never find him. But you have to give him the time to figure out himself too, so he can find his way to you.

You want to make sure he is completely ready to love you the way you need to be loved and that means you have to give it time.

He is out there working hard to learn about himself and what he loves so he can find you.