Keeping it Real

He Has Already Broken Your Heart Once, Don’t Let Him do it Again

I know, you miss him. You might even still love him… But he doesn’t deserve you.

He crushed your heart into so many pieces you didn’t even know where to start when it came to picking yourself back up and trying to put yourself back together.

He made you believe in every word he said and some of them were, “I will love you forever no matter what.” And now all they are is lies.

If he actually meant he would love you no matter what, he wouldn’t have broken your heart in the first place.

You wouldn’t be sitting there right now wondering if you should take him back, because you still love him, or let him go because he broke your heart and all of his promises.

If he really loved you he wouldn’t have needed to lose you to realize it.

Now he just wants you back because it’s easy. Maybe it is because he realized he messed up, but how many chances are you going to give him to try and fix things only to break your heart again?

You’ve been the one waiting. You’ve been the one trying to forget him at the bottom of each of those alcohol bottles.

Yet he has been out sleeping with who knows what. Not giving a damn about you, your feelings, or your heart.

I know this is harsh but think about it. Think about all the pain he has put you through for you to allow him to maybe do it again?

What about that guy who would never do that to you if you gave him the chance? What if you miss out on your perfect match because you were unable to let go of a man who didn’t deserve you?

You have so much ahead of you and no one deserves a second chance after they have already broken you in every way possible.

You deserve to move on, and it’s okay that you still love him but you need to remember, if he really loved you he wouldn’t have put you through all of this in the first place.

Love doesn’t have terms or conditions. It doesn’t get to choose when or where it wants to work. Love is something that is either there forever or not there at all.

So don’t let the guy who is lonely, heartless, and undeserving of your love end up breaking your heart more than once.


Nicole Clements – Writers Page