Keeping it Real

He Doesn’t Miss You, He’s Just Lonely

You’ve been there…

The guy who you wanted more than anything decided to leave and so you are left there picking up the pieces. Alone, heartbroken, and questioning what you did to deserve this.

But finally, you are moving on, happy with how things are going. You’ve repaired yourself and you are slowly moving on from a boy who never loved you the way you loved him.

And then bam, you get that, “I miss you” text from you know who. It catches you off guard and your heart starts racing.

The feelings you had been so good at holding back come rushing back to the surface. You don’t know whether to cuss him out or actually, give him a chance. You’re so confused that you’re holding back anger and tears.

But, maybe he really does miss you?

Maybe he wants to start over, and realized he really messed up?

But let me stop you there… He doesn’t think that. He doesn’t miss you he just needs company. He is lonely and needs someone to give him attention so he can satisfy his self-righteous and conceited attitude.

And you know what? You are better than that! You don’t need a guy who made you feel all those feelings. Who made you think he loved you when all he was doing was feeding his ego. You don’t deserve someone playing you as if you are a toy.

You are a beautiful woman who deserves real love, not love that depends on getting girls attention or not. Your feelings are real and you’re allowed to feel hurt, confused, and angry about it. But the medicine he deserves is you ignoring him.