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Good in Bed? – 8 Ways To Tell

Intimacy is a significant part of any relationship, and couples without chemistry can sometimes see their relationships falter.

Wouldn’t we all love to have a way of knowing whether a potential partner would be good in bed? The truth is that there’s no single metric for determining whether a person will be bangin’ in bed. There are, however, many things that psychology can tell us about a person. If you keep in mind these things, you’ll have a good idea of whether a person will impress in the bedroom, before taking your clothes off.

Body language doesn’t lie

Much of what we think of being “good” in bed comes down to chemistry. There’s some psychology to chemistry, too. You can tell from a person’s body language whether they’re likely to be an engaged partner in bed. Eye contact is perhaps the most important thing. A person who has attentive posture and is willing to look you in the eye will likely be engaged enough to give you a good time in bed.

Can he or she dance?

Dancing requires confidence and coordination. It requires a person to be willing to try new things and deal with constructive criticism. If a person can dance and is willing to put themselves out there on the dance floor, then the chances are good that he or she will be good in bed.

How expressive is he or she in their speech?