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For Your Next Girlfriend’s Sake, I Hope You Treat Her Better

We were young and our love wasn’t the kind I would want to put anyone through, but we learned and at least in my life, I know I have grown and found myself from all of it.

I’ve heard from a friend of a friend that you are seeing someone new. I’m happy for you, but I am worried about her.

I hope you have grown. I hope your selfish, controlling ways are not what they were when you were with me… Because they ruined us. I do think you deserve to be happy, but so does she.

She deserves a man who knows how to put someone else first. A man who isn’t afraid or insecure and can love, with everything in him.

I hope you buy her flowers and take her out like she wants to, because she deserves that, just like I deserved that. When we were together you took for granted the kind of woman I was, and she doesn’t need to deal with a man like that.

I hope you hold her hand every chance you get and you never embarrass her in public. I hope you hold her close when things get hard instead of running away. While pushing her as far away from you as possible so you can blame her for your faults. But no one is perfect, not even you, and I truly hope you have changed.

I hope you have learned what heartbreak is like and how you never want to make someone feel that way again.

I really hope you’ve learned how to love someone because this girl deserves it. She deserves the best man she can get her hands on and, for some reason, she has chosen you. So don’t mess it up and lose a great girl, again.

She has decided to give you a chance and I sure as hell hope you don’t break her heart like you broke mine. I’m not bitter or angry but she doesn’t know any better. And she shouldn’t get caught up in a tornado if she doesn’t have to.

Everyone deserves a happy ending with someone they love, even you, but I’m not really writing this for you.

I am writing this for her. I hope she gets what she deserves because no woman should have their heart broken by a man that they love. No woman should sit back and watch themselves be treated like crap when all they wish they could say bye. No one deserves to be treated like they are replaceable, especially not her.

And I can assure you, she will fall in love with you… But I hope you have learned. I hope you learned something from us being together. And I hope that me leaving you, when I didn’t want to, changed you for the better.

Because if there is one thing I hope you took away from our past relationship together, it is that you have grown into a man that deserves a girl like her.

A girl who deserves a man who would give her everything because if he didn’t, she would eventually find someone who would.

Just like I did.

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