Easy Weight-Loss Secrets to Lose Weight Quickly

Sorry, but I’m removing one of your excuses for not exercising… time.

We all want to lose weight and look our absolute best, but it can oftentimes seem like a huge, time-consuming commitment. However, there are activities that we can do each day to make positive changes, some taking no more than a minute. Here are ten quick and easy solutions that, over time, will create huge changes in your physique.

1. Pause And Do Ten Jumping Jacks

Take jumping jack breaks the way most people take cigarette breaks. In ten minutes, you can boost your heart rate and burn some calories.

2. Cut It In Half

When eating out, be sure to cut your meal in half. Most restaurant portions are too large for one person. For the price of one meal, you can be full and have a second meal for later.

3. Get Inspired

The internet is full of motivational videos, articles and images. If you’re feeling down about your progress, take a minute to browse the web for some inspiration.

4. Write Down Your Goals

Take a minute to write down your goals for the day. Goals might include eating three servings of fruit or running for a half hour. Writing down your goals makes them seem more concrete and therefore easier to achieve.

5. Walk Around The Block

A cardiovascular workout doesn’t have to be a forty-five minute intense ordeal. A quick walk around the block can get the blood pumping and improve your attitude towards your fitness goals.

6. Chug A Glass Of Water

A lot of “hunger pangs” are actually just our bodies telling us that we’re thirsty. The next time you’re feeling the urge to binge on junk food, chug a glass of water and wait a minute. Chances are that your hunger pangs will disappear.

7. Do Fifteen Squats

Squats are a great way to improve the muscle tone in the lower half of the body and improve overall fitness. In only a minute, you can do fifteen squats, a number effective enough to help you tone up but not so intense as to leave you sweating.

8. Read The Label

Pause and take a minute to read the nutrition label before buying that next product at the grocery store. Even items that are purported to be “healthy” can be full with hidden calories, sugar and grams of fat. It only takes a minute to scan the label and evaluate whether or not a product is right for you.

9. Call A Friend

You should have a friend in your speed dial who is on board with your goal to shed the pounds. If you’re feeling the urge to skip the gym or have that slice of cake, call this friend for the support you need to stay on track.

10. Snap A Selfie

Taking pictures of yourself each day is a great way to visually track your progress and keep you motivated. In under a minute each day, you can take a full-body photo of yourself in the mirror. As the weeks progress, you’ll be able to see how your body is changing thanks to your hard work.

Incorporating these little one-minute solutions into your daily life will pay off over time. Weight loss is hard, but success begins with small and simple changes. -Susan M.