Dear Bestie, Never Settle For Any Guy Who’s Less Than Amazing

As best friends, we are always looking out for each other, especially when it comes to guys.

We are there for each other to remind ourselves what kind of man we deserve in our lives. But I hope you know how much I want you to find the guy of your dreams.

You are my best friend and I love you more than you could ever imagine.

You are the sister I have always wanted and needed and even though we do get on each other’s nerves at times we are only doing it because we love one another.

I want the best kind of life for you, especially when it comes to the man of your dreams.

I like to pride myself in knowing what kind of guy will be perfect for you and when you meet him I will know he is the one for you as well.

But please, if there is one thing I don’t want you to do when it comes to a guy, is settle.

You are an angel. A woman who knows what she wants and is smarter than her own good.

You’re a woman any man would die to have and I want you to find that man.

I want you to find a man that deserves your heart and unconditional love.

I want you to find a man that puts you first and never gives up on the love you have for each other.

I just want you to wait for this man no matter how much you feel you need to find a guy now.

Because being patient will make you happier than you ever could be with someone you just settle for.

Settling will only lead you to a man who doesn’t appreciate you, someone who makes you cry more than laugh and we both know you have already been there done that.

So, please don’t do it again. You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for and the more you settle the less likely you will find the man you have always wanted.

Of course, he won’t be perfect, but no one is. But he will be the man who will love everything about you, the good and the bad.

And as the man you deserve, he will never focus on your bad.

He will do everything in his power to make you happy and keep you happy.

He is patiently waiting for you and I hope you do too.

Because no matter what, you deserve an amazing love, not an okay love because you are the best thing any man could call theirs.

Much Love,

Your Best friend

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