Keeping it Real

Are Men Intimidated by Badass, Independent Women?

Weak-ass men need not apply!

Jackie is 35 years old. She is attractive, she works out, runs her own jewelry business, she recently went back to school for her Ph.D and she is currently in the process of starting her own clothing line. When she is not working she goes swimming or hangs out with her friends. Her friends describe her as a fun loving woman who is full of energy and has a great sense of humor. But there’s one problem…she is single and she doesn’t want to be.

Her friends tell her that she is too intense. Men want a woman they can go home to after a long day at work who will cater to their needs. Jackie finds this kind of reasoning to be ridiculous. Why should she give up her career or independence just to please a man? Why should she have to stroke someone’s ego or put her needs on the back burner? Are men really that intimidated by a strong successful woman?

Strong successful women only intimidate weak, passive men with no ambition

Thank God the 50s are long gone. Women are now go-getters and just as successful as men. Giving up what you’ve worked hard for in order to be considered “datable” is unacceptable. If a man is not ambitious enough to go after what he wants, then definitely he will be intimidated by a woman who does. One thing about these types of men is that they are generally intimidated by anyone who is successful regardless of sex.

Men who are intimidated by strong successful women are intimidated by the power