9 Things Keeping You From Forgiving and Moving On

To move forward you must let go of the past.

Giving up old grudges and overcoming old hurts is good for the soul, but moving on is easier said than done. If you have been hurt before, it can be hard to trust again, and even harder to forgive the people who hurt you. In the end, however, forgiving the other person (and yourself) is the key to healing.

1. Your Defensive Nature

It is easy to get your back up and blame someone else for all your problems. It is much harder to admit your role in the situation and move on. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, but your defensive nature can make learning the lesson pretty tough. Letting go of that defensiveness is a valuable skill, but not one that comes naturally to most people.

2. Your Need to Hold a Grudge

It is all too easy to hold a grudge, especially when you have been wronged. Some grudges are justified, but that does not make them any less harmful. Holding on to hold grudges is harder on you than your ex-friend or lover, and the sooner you learn to let it go the better you will feel. So stop treating your grudges like beloved pets and show them the door.

3. An Inability to Forgive Yourself

Sometimes it is harder to forgive yourself than others. If you cannot forgive yourself for the bad things that happened, you will never be able to forgive the people who betrayed you. No matter how deep the resentment or long-lasting the grudge, you will never be able to move on until you learn to forgive yourself.

4. Your Low Self-Esteem