8 Reasons Why Being The Oldest Kid Can be a Real Hassle

Being the oldest child can be awesome but it also can be one of the biggest hassles in the world.

Here are some of the things that you’ll recognize if you are blessed/cursed with being the oldest kid.

1. You are the kid your parents are way too hard on

You may be the first born and get spoiled because of it, but at times, you wish your parents could just give you a break. You know they love you and want the best for you, but can’t they bug your little siblings just a bit more?

2. You are babied but not in the same way your younger siblings are

Your younger siblings get more attention, more things, and get a lot more freedom. But you get to be your parents first.

You’re the one they put the most effort into making sure never got hurt and had everything they needed to be the awesome adult that you are now. So, I guess there are pros to being the oldest, right?

3. Your parents expect a lot more out of you because you are the oldest

One of the things you heard the most as the oldest was, “You should know better you’re the oldest.” This saying also helped you get in the most trouble because you were supposed to know better.

But truth is, your parents expecting so much out of you has only benifited you. Even if at times you wished your little sibling had to deal with being the oldest for once.

4. Your parents will never understand how much easier they were/are on your younger siblings

You can try and try to explain to them, but there will always be something that will make it almost impossible for them to understand. But, who cares? Your parents being harder on you only helped you become the awesome person you are, so you can’t complain that much.

5. Your parents expect you to be the most successful

It is sometimes pretty overwhelming, but to know your parents believe in you that much is a really rewarding feeling.

6. You have a lot of pressure on you to be the best in everything because you are the first born

You want to be the star first child. You want your parents to be proud of you and you want your life to be super successful. This leads to you having a lot of pressure on yourself, but it’s important to remember you are amazing just the way you are. AND your parents are super proud of you no matter what!

7. Your parents will always be more strict on you than your younger siblings

You just have to accept the fact that you are the first child your parents had the opportunity to raise and love, so being more strict on you just comes with the territory. And that is completely okay, they only do it because they love you so try and remember that.

8. You are most likely the favorite child, even though your parents can’t say that

Something I’ve noticed with the people who I have met who are the oldest, including myself, is that parents are very proud and love to brag about their oldest child. Sure, their younger kids are still bragged about but the oldest usually seem to be the ones parents just can’t say enough about.

You are the favorite child because you are the oldest! It has made you the most prepared, the most successful, and the most determined to go out into the world and make a difference. Your parents being hard on you, in the end, has really made you great and really, who can complain about being the “favorite” child?

Nicole Clements – Writers Page