Keeping it Real

5 Signs You’re Dating A Controlling Man

Love shouldn’t cost you your independence, your opinions… your free will.

When you’re in love, it can be difficult to spot the difference between a caring boyfriend and a control freak. However, there are a few hints that should not be ignored. Here are five signs that the man you are dating is controlling.

1. You can only do what he wants to do

You are probably dating a controlling man if all of your activities revolve around what he wants to do. You may spend every weekend at the batting cages because that’s what he wants. If after four weekends of batting practice you suggest doing something else, and he shoots you down, he’s not only controlling but selfish. A relationship is all about compromise. One person cannot always get their way while the other never does.

2. He doesn’t want you straying from routine

A controlling man will prefer that you stick to a routine so that he always knows where you are and who you are with. He may have issues with trust that cause him to be uncomfortable with a change in routine. He might also be just as serious about his daily routine and not want anything, including your routine or lack thereof, to interfere with his. Routine isn’t always bad, but if you feel as though you can’t wander from yours without getting negative feedback about it, you are probably involved with a controlling man.

3. He snoops