Keeping it Real

4 Signs You’re Dating A Dud

You probably already know if he’s a dud, but just in case…

During the dating process, you come to know who someone is. During this time you may realize that the man you’re dating doesn’t live up to your expectations. Here are four signs that you are dating a dud.

1. He asks to borrow money

If the man you’re dating asks to borrow money, you are dating a financial dud. It’s true that we can all have hard times, but you aren’t the one that he should be coming to for money. He should ask his friends and family before he ever asks you. If he’s asked them and they said no, you might have to consider that it’s a risky move to lend him money.

2. He’s not ambitious

Not everyone has dreams of owning a large house, traveling the world, or moving up in their career, but having some ambition is an attractive quality. If you’re dating a man who works a minimum wage job that he’s happy in, that’s great, but will he still be there in five or ten years? Ambition isn’t only about money and possession. Someone who is ambitious can set personal goals for themselves such as running a marathon or taking a course to learn something new. Ambition comes in many forms, but someone who is not ambition will seem to lack interest in everything and have no goals for his life.

3. He doesn’t compromise