3 Reasons Why Funny Women Are Sexy

Men also want a woman with a healthy sense of humor.

It’s no secret that women like funny guys. You will always find that a good sense of humor is among the top five qualities that women find desirable in a man. But is the same true when it comes to men dating funny women? According to a recent poll by YourTango of 200,000 men, the answer to this is YES!

In this poll, a sense of humor was rated as the fourth most important trait that men look for in a woman (after sexual chemistry, a nice smile and a kind personality). And even MORE significant was that having a good sense of humor was rated even HIGHER than a woman’s general body type. Meaning that being able to have a good laugh rules out over having a super-hot body!

With this in mind, I set out to investigate just what it is which makes funny women SO irresistible to guys. Let’s check out these reasons why:

1. Funny women make men feel good

Men are simple creatures. They simply want a woman who feels GOOD to be around. If a guy is always smiling, laughing and having fun when he’s around a girl, you can guarantee he’s going to keep going back for more. Because laughter activates brain chemicals which make a person feel happy and relaxed.