18 Things That Make Every Woman’s Heart Sing

Girls can sometimes get overwhelmed very easily. So, just remind her to relax and that you are there for her for whatever she needs. Even though this may not seem like a lot of help, it is really reassuring to us girls and does help us relax.

10. Kisses & Hugs

xoxo’s are always a remedy for anything, and girls love them.

11. Remind her you are always there for her

Sometimes you may feel like a broken record player or you think you tell her this enough. But in a girls world, we could never hear how much you care and are always here for us enough.

12. Jewelry

This will make a girl happier than you can imagine (and if you have a girl who doesn’t appreciate you buying her nice things, you need to let her go ASAP).

13. Take her on surprise dinner dates even if it is just to Taco Bell

Again, back to how food really is a way to a girl’s heart. We love surprise dates even if it’s just fast food.

14. Tell her, you love her, especially if she is mad at you

There is never a time when saying I love you is unacceptable, especially if your girl might be a little upset.

15. Make time for just you and her

It’s always good to have alone time and friend time, but if you want to make your girl happy and blessed to have you, always make time for her. She will appreciate you so much more and will likely like your friends too.

16. Let her take pictures of you two together, no matter how much you hate it