18 Things That Make Every Woman’s Heart Sing

If you are ever in need of some ways to cheer up your girl whether a friend, girlfriend, fiancee or wife, here’s a good list of things to win her heart.

1. Buy her flowers

It’s pretty amazing how just a couple of flowers, even if just from a garden, can cheer up a girl. Giving her sweet things like flowers will remind her how sweet of a man she has.

2. Bring her favorite treat

I know for a fact women love something sweet, so if you’re feeling up to having an awesome day bring her that awesome treat she loves.

3. Help clean her place

Just trust me on this one!

4. Give her compliments when she least expects them

If you want to see her smile and blush this is the way to do it. Not to mention, doing this will make her happy for the rest of the day.

5. Buy her food!

If you are ever in doubt, food, food, FOOD!

6. Do the dishes for her

refer back to number 3 on this one, it’s in your best interest!

7. Leave her a cute pick me up note

Notes are always the sweetest, even if it’s just a cute sticky note on her bedroom door saying, “I hope you have an amazing day beautiful!”

8. Be her best friend 

Of course, she has her girlfriends she knows she can count on but you are the one person she wants to be able to know will let her complain all she wants and still love her. Being your girls best friend every day will help you and her, stay very happy!

9. Help her when she is stressed out