12 Reasons to Wait For The Man Who Chooses You Every day

Women like to find a man they believe is perfect and try to convince these men that they are the women for them. (Guilty of this by the way, because hey! Some guys just seem so awesome, right?).

Well, the truth is, men can’t be convinced to love someone and to be honest, no girl should want a man like that anyway. So, here are the reasons you need to wait for a man who chooses you, and only you, every day!

1. He is ready to commit

You deserve a guy who isn’t around to play games. Someone who is ready to settle down because you are the girl he wants to be with. You need relationships like this or guys will just come and go because they aren’t ready and they will end up just ripping your heart to pieces.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t date, but make sure if you decide to settle down that you are with a guy who is serious about you and wants to make you happy.

2. He has fallen in love with who you are 

You are his dream girl. He can’t seem to get you off his mind and being with you is never a chore. You are his first priority and he makes sure you know it! This is a man who chooses you and deserves to have you.

3. He isn’t there to use you 

He cares about you and would never think of hurting you by using you. Especially, using you for sex, because he knows you aren’t an object and he respects you as a person.

4. He wants to have a real relationship with you