11 Ways You Know You Have a Ride or Die Bestie

She isn’t one of those “come and go” friends, she is someone you can always count on and who proves her love for you every day.

7. She is your sister from another mister

She isn’t just your best friend, she is also your sister. You do everything together and in turn, life is so much more enjoyable. You may be apart at times, maybe for school, a job, or just life, but you know your friendship and sisterhood will always be there.

8. She will never break girl code

She probably has a different taste in guys than you do, but if not, you too never step on each other’s toes. Her respect for you and your relationships, whether ended or not, show how much she cares for you. Because hey, sometimes guys are all about breaking us girl-friends up!

9. You both put each other before any boy

You may be in a serious relationship currently too, but he knows that she comes first and that’s okay. Best friends are for a life and us girls have to stick together even if there is a cute boyfriend in the mix.

10. Bathroom breaks together are a thing

Whether that’s just you two talking on the phone, when one of you is taking a restroom break or you both are together in person, it doesn’t matter. You both stopped being embarrassed about bathroom breaks a looong time ago.

11. She will always be the best person you could ever have in your life