11 Ways You Know You Have a Ride or Die Bestie

We all have that best friend who we would do anything for and who, of course, would return the favor. These are the ways you know you have found your Ride or Die Bestie.

1. She is the first one you tell your secrets to

Your friendship is a no judge circle, and secrets are actually kept secret. That’s why you both love each other so much, because hey, some of those secrets could really ruffle a few feathers…

2. She will keep you out of trouble, even if that means lying a little…

There is nothing your best friend won’t do to keep you safe and the “innocent” angel you are. Who said fibbing was a bad thing when it is used for a good reason?!

3. She loves you for you

You definitely are not perfect! But in her eye’s your imperfections make her love you that much more because it reminds her that life is crazy and so are people. But she wouldn’t want to share this crazy life with any other person but you.

4. She supports your decisions 

If no one else supports them, she sure does. She may not always agree with them but she wants you happy, so always having your back is a priority for her.

5. She has your back

She’s your bestie, so if anyone thinks talking smack about you around her is okay she will tell them what is up. She will not let anyone get away with gossiping about you, especially in her presence, because she knows you would do the same for her.

6. Your friendship is important to her and she proves it