11 Reasons Ambitious Women Make The Best Girlfriends

You need an ambitious girl in your life for many reasons, but if you have her as a girlfriend you really lucked out. Ambitious women have it all together, and they know how to treat their man right. So here are some of the many reasons you need to be dating an ambitious girl.

1. She is independent

An ambitious woman has her sh*t together and she likes it that way. She likes knowing she is all she needs to be happy and successful. A woman like her is someone guys hold onto because she is real and ready to take on the world with the right guy by her side.

2. She has dreams and no one is going to stop her from reaching them

She isn’t waiting for her prince charming to come around and make her life perfect. She goes out there and does it herself because she is already the Queen. She understands that if she wants something she has to work for it because nothing will ever be given to her.

3. She doesn’t play games

You aren’t messing with a child anymore, this girl is an adult and she isn’t about to play some teenage game with you. You either want all of her or none of her and she sure as hell isn’t afraid to walk away if you can’t give her what she deserves.

4. When she falls in love it’s the real thing

She doesn’t toss around love. When she falls she falls hard, but she makes sure it’s with a guy she see’s a future with because right now, she doesn’t have time to be wasting it on guys who only want to be around for a week.

5. She doesn’t need a man

The one thing you will have to get over is wanting to feel needed because she doesn’t need a man. She wants a man. She wants someone she can share her successes with and who will be by her side to go on amazing adventures with.

She wants a man who loves her for her ambition and sees her as one of the best things in the world. Because if you find a woman like this, she will be the one you won’t ever want to let go.  

6. She wants to support herself and she can

It’s not that she doesn’t like a guy buying her flowers or wanting to pay for dinner every once in awhile. She just wants you to know she is with you for who you are not what you can offer her because she can take care of herself. Who doesn’t want a woman like that, though?

7. She doesn’t look for hand-outs

She never asks for help because she knows she is just fine on her own. Hand-outs are a thing of the past and she is proud of herself for being able to support all the things she needs to.

8. She is one of the smartest women you will ever meet

She may even be smarter than you, but this girl is someone who knows her stuff. She is responsible with her money, she works hard, and she wants to be able to have a great life. This makes her such an amazing girlfriend because you never have to worry about her doing something that could hurt either of you.

9. She knows what she wants in her life

She isn’t okay with her life just being “ehhh whatever” she wants the best and she is going to make that happen! When you have an ambitious girl she is someone you see a future with. She is someone who will send you pictures of her dream house and say, “we will have this one day.” And in your heart, you know you will, because that’s how hard your awesome girl works.

10. She is wifey material you can take home to your mother

She is the girl of your dreams and someone your mother will love! So make sure if you don’t have yourself an ambitious girl yet, you go out there and find one.

11. Her love is unlike any other girls

She is the best girlfriend because her love is true. She wants nothing other than to make you the happiest man on earth and she usually does a pretty good job. You will love her because she is independent, smart, ambitious and has her sh*t together. But the thing you will love the most about her is that her heart and love will always be yours.

She really is a woman you need if you are looking to settle down and I promise you, us ambitious girls are so worth it.

Nicole Clements