10 Step Plan to Quit Your Toxic Relationship

Can you remember the last time your man made you smile?

If you only feel anxiety around him, like you’re walking on eggshells or have to be conscience of everything you say, then you’re in a toxic relationship.

Men who are toxic always end up hurting those around them. Whether it’s intentional or not, their actions will have you second guessing why the hell you ever got involved with them. They undermine everything you do and spoil what you might otherwise enjoy.

The stress of a toxic relationship can even cause physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, neck and back pain, stomach upset, eating and sleeping disorders and nagging illnesses — and those are just the minor effects.

There’s a 34 percent increase in cardiac problems for those in toxic relationships, as well as a shortened lifespan by an average of 11 years. And that’s not all: Blood pressure and blood sugar levels are higher; obesity rates, diabetes, depression, and incidences of stroke all increase; and levels of lower good cholesterol.

So for your mental and physical health, here are ten ways to lift yourself up, leave the relationship, and move on:

1. Clarify your boundaries.

You may want to give him one more chance. Do this by clarifying your boundaries. Chances are, you’re wasting your time. If he’s not respecting you now, he probably won’t start respecting you just because you’ve finally laid down the law. Make sure you are clear as to what your boundaries are. Leave no doubt for misinterpretation.