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10 Reasons Why Small Breast Are a Blessing Not a Curse

As a lady with a smaller chest, sometimes you may really think about how you wish you could make them grow just a little bit more. But then you remember how many pros come with having a smaller bust.

1. Low cut clothes are never a problem

You don’t have to worry about too much cleavage or if the outfit is too inappropriate. Your boobs are the perfect size to not cause too much distraction. Which makes you super happy to know you can buy whatever low cut dress you like!

2. You can wear any kind of bikini top

You don’t ever have to worry about popping out of your top or having too big of a bust to fit into one. Swimsuit season is one you look forward because “there are just so many choices!”

3. You can get away with not wearing a bra

If you are just not in the mood to put one on, or your bra is just uncomfortable you don’t have to worry. Your bust size makes it easy for you to not even second guess putting one on.

4. Stretch marks aren’t really a thing

Since your boobs are on the smaller side, stretch marks aren’t really there. Which in turn, makes them look that much better!

5. Perky boobs foreverrr!

No need to worry about getting really saggy tata’s when you get older, because hey! The smaller amount of weight on your chest the less gravity can mess them up.

6. They don’t hurt your back

You know that complaint you hear from every busty girl when you say you wish you had a bigger chest? Yea, you never have to worry about your boobs being the cause of any back pain.

7. Sleeping on your stomach is still possible

If you love sleeping on your stomach then this is probably the hail marry of having small boobs. Sleeping on your stomach is one of the best positions, and unlike busty girls, you can sleep on your tummy all you want.

8.  You know guys don’t only like you because of your boobs

We all know guys like boobs and butts. But if you don’t have a huge chest, you know for a fact that this guy probably likes you for you, not just for your physical assets and that’s a great feeling.

9. Breast sweat isn’t a daily occurrence 

Since cleavage and your boobs being super close together don’t happen often, you never have to worry about the boob sweat, like all busty girls do.

10. They may be small but they are still cute

Like they always say, size doesn’t matter. You are beautiful just the way you are. Learn to love yourself, small chest and all, because what’s on the outside can’t even compare to what’s on the inside!

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